My services – single sessions

1. Psychological consulting
Conversation regarding all possible subjects, assistance both in everyday and unusual problems.

2. Consultation on spiritual development
The conversation, examination, and advice on personal development and so called spiritual development.

3. Mental development
That is, for example:
– diagnosing of owned mental programs
– assistance in overcoming the comfort zone
– deleting the old beliefs, eliminating traumas
– building self-confidence

4. Examination of owned potentials
That is, for example:
– assistance in finding purposes and “mission” in life
– defining the predispositions and personal talents and methods to develop them

5. Precognition/”extrasensory” examination
The opportunity to examine many issues or vital topics by using the so-called. extrasensory perception.

6. Contact with the spiritual guardians
I enable contact with spiritual guardians -they often offer good advice, and sometimes even help with important matters.

7. Diagnosing of attached entities and curses
Help in specifing what harmful “forces” may have an impact on your life. Then we find a method for liquidating those impacts.

8. Identifying relationships and karmic debts
I check the relationships with people and other beings on a spiritual level.

9. Channeling
Individual communication session with beings from higher levels of existence.

10. Diagnosis according to the system of six elements
Very specific representation of personal – development and life – perspective based on my original classification of the elements.

11. Tarot reading
If you wish to ask cards – no problem. This method gives fast answer to many question.

12. Numerous forms of help and examinations based on my own methods
If you have an unusual problem let me know, perhaps together we will find a solution.

Mentoring // Development programs – multiple sessions 

I invite you to participate in one of the long-term development programs. Participation in each program will allow you to gradually discover and launch your full potential. For those who have already begun to discover their “spiritual” development, the programs will be of great use in stabilizing and release your full potential. Every program is a series of individual sessions that by matching the needs of a person enable achieving very measurable results.

The six elements
cropped-zywioby_2.jpgIt is an extremely evolutionary and a very flexible program. Based on the original system of the six elements – that is basic elements forming the reality; we are able to diagnose easily and discuss any topics of life and development. Working with this program gives you an extremely wide range of possibilities – it’s very effective in your every day life.

Extrasensory perception
wallpaers hubble photos telescope desktop posted taggedThis is a very narrowly specialized program. It opens up completely new possibilities – the so-called “extrasensory perception”. Within this program we conduct a series of meetings interspersed with numerous trainings and consultations. The aim is to start using the extrasensory perception in a stable and controlled way. Those who are already experiencing in their lives the extrasensory perception can count on help in identifying and harnessing these abilities, or on elevating them to a completely different level.

The Mind Master
1717h0011In this program we work through numerous issues related to our minds – it is an area that concerns us all. If you want to find your identity, get rid of destructive beliefs, become more confident, mitigate your ego and or maybe calm the raging emotions in you – this program is for you.

Power of the soul
fractal-764928_960_720This program is for those who are looking for something more in life. For those wishing to explore more profound content, who want to plunge into the world of contemplation and for those who would like these deeper content transfer into everyday feelings. Regular work in this program will help you find inner harmony – and meet your inner self.

I don’t :
1. directly heal the physical body
2. help someone who doesn’t want it
3. heal minds of people whose psychological state doesn’t allow it
4. give suggestions, examine, predict, etc. when I find it morally wrong
5. do anything that harms another person

Costs of sesion

Single sesion cost starts from 15£. Cost depends of time and type of sesion.

For every regular customer personalized discount is possible – just ask.

Mentoring program cost stars from 300£. Those programs are very deeply personalized, take many session and include great knowledge and practise. Cost depends of level of advancement.