About Jacek Czapiewski – Channeler, medium, psychic

1717h0011I’ve always had my skills. When I was five I realized how to consciously connect to the spirit world. I started to train on a regular basis at the age of seven and soon realized that the whole world is “spiritual”. That helped me to make use of my passion for science. With the combination of science and spirituality, I was able to create my own techniques and my own model of reality.

Now I’m a channeler, clairvoyant, psychic and much more. (my services)

JacekCzapiewskiI also have great experience as a lecturer. I have made many seminaries and workshops. Especially hundreds of hours of lectures dedicated to spiritual and personal development broadcasted on the Internet TV channels. (HelioTv, WolnaludzkoscTv)

I’m a co-author of the „hyperphisycal” model of reality – a part of this model is included in the book: „Between chaos and Consciusness – Hyperphisycs”. (you can find it here)


In 2015, I have created my own model of reality – The six elements. ( you can find me on Facebook  – EN version soon)

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